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we are the UCSD Running Club also known as Strides. we are a recreational club that meets Monday-Saturday to run, socialize, and have fun! Other than running we have various Strides socials throughout the quarter such as scavenger hunts, movie nights (where we may watch Without Limits for those Prefontaine buffs out there), beach runs, the daily "Strides Party at Pines," and of course-PASTA PARTIES.

We also sign up for local running events such as the Triton 5k, Camp Kesem 5k, St. Patrick's Day 10k, and some of us (more audacious runners) like to challenge ourselves by signing up for AWESOME RACES such as the beautiful and hilly San Diguieto Half Marathon, the always lovely LA Marathon, and the one we cannot seem to resist, the Rock n' Roll Half/Full Marathon!

Our members range from former cross-country and track runners, to competitive runners, to new runners and EVERYTHING in between! You are sure to find a running buddy who will be at the same level as you! So do not fear our "pace" or our "competitiveness" because Strides is here to help you get your workout in, to be your friend, and increase your love of running! Our pace varies everyday depending on our group of runners! And there is ALWAYS, ALWAYS someone to run with!

Next time you feel like running, but don't wanna go solo, come run with us. We are friendly and we all share a love of running (and contempt of treadmills)!

how to join

joining strides is easy! just fill out the online registration form, and bring the must-be-printed forms to any of our runs. you do not need to bring the form on your first run; you may run with strides a few times before you decide to join.

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